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Spay & Neuter Procedures

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Nolan Hill Veterinarian Calgary provides the best services and facilities for dogs and cats. NHVH opened its doors to provide Veterinary and grooming services to the NW communities of Nolan Hill vet clinic, Sage Hill, Kincora & Sherwood and all surrounding areas.
Our mission is to continually improve and maintain a high level of excellence in order to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations in all aspects of the Veterinary industry.

Did you know that spaying your dog prior to her first heat cycle can decrease her risk of mammary cancer by less than 2% while waiting for them to go through three cycles increases the risk by 2/3. Did you also know that male dogs like to roam if they’re intact? They’re looking for a mate which increases the risk of exposure to disease, getting hit by car, lost or even stolen. These and many more reasons are why the team wants to encourage owners asked questions about spaying and neutering.

These tend to be day procedures that help extend our pets lives long term.