About Us
We are a group of passionate animal lovers that have been fortunate enough to pair our love of many different kinds of companion animals with a career that helps keep them healthy.
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Nolan Hill Veterinary Hospital

NHVH as a Corporation was created March 15, 2014. As a dream this venture was started May, 2009 when Dr. Danielle Rowe completed her studies at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). Upon becoming a DVM, Dr. Danielle Rowe started her career in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Rowe spent 7 years at Harvest Hills vet clinic as a Associate Veterinarian understanding the industry and becoming a great surgeon.

Davin Rowe, a business graduate along side his wife Dr. Rowe decided to embark on a new chapter in their lives. Coming together with strengths of their own created NHVH. Construction commenced June, 2014.

October 23, 2015 NHVH opened its doors to provide Veterinary and grooming services to the NW communities of Nolan Hill vet clinic, Sage Hill, Kincora & Sherwood and all surrounding areas.


NHVH’s mission is to continually improve and maintain a high level of excellence in order to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations in all aspects of the Veterinary industry.


1. NHVH strives to create awareness about prevention vs. treatment

2. NHVH will create a safe and considerate working environment.

3. NHVH will encourage originality, innovation and promote enthusiasm in meeting the requirements of our customers.

4. NHVH will endeavour to cultivate profit growth through efficient production methods and procedures.

5. NHVH will create a distinctive and progressive corporate culture.

6. NHVH will make positive contributions to the community in which we operate and strive to become a model corporate citizen.

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